The Hidden Geometry

One of the magical tricks of human perception consists in the capacity to glimpse a conceptual aesthetic and imaginary universe through the interstices of the barely suggested.
Like music and poetry, geometrical abstraction moves inside the field that communicates much more of the apparent to the awakened sensitivity. Although many works of this artistic current are of manifest beauty at first sight, the true aesthetical delight is produced when the spectator enters in communion with the subtlety of the visual and conceptual architecture. This statement faithfully matches with the work of Ricardo Laverde Laguna, whose art pieces display as a continuous invitation to escape from passive contemplation. The beauty of these pieces is obvious and works as a magnet which immediately catches the interest, to then seduce the observer into the playful exchange with the world that it communicates.
In these works, the use of color produces reminiscences of Neoplasticism, but its evolution is soon discovered, its proximity (not its transit) with kinetic art, when new planes and volumes are discovered floating on the background with new rhythms and geometrical or organical shapes that modify the main discourse of the artistic work as the observer moves around it. In the sculptural pieces, color is more austere, but illuminates transparencies from the inside create luminous shapes spread in planes that could be called vertebral and arouse a magic which is difficult to translate to words because its strictly visual and spatial language articulates its dialogue directly with the sensibility proper to the soul and the highest intellectual capacities.

When contemplating the artistic works of Ricardo Laverde Laguna, we feel they open doors of a world that we intuit, but we yet not know of.

Light Sculptures


goldsmith's art



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About Me

Ricardo Laverde Laguna

Born in Cali - Colombia in 1963, he studied architecture at the National Experimental University of Tachira San Cristóbal (1984-1987); he graduated as senior technician in Jewellery Design at the College Monseigneur de Talavera (1993-1996); gemology courses with Professor German Perez, School of Visual Arts Cristobal Rojas in Caracas (1996-1997); obtains the title of "Artigiano Orafo" in the "Scuola d'Arte e Mestieri" Vicenza-Italy (2002-2003).

Between 1995 and 2005, he participated in several exhibitions: "The transparency of evil," Bishop de Talavera College; "October Salon" Hotel Tamanaco- Caracas; "Alchemy of Time - New Gods" Alliance Francaise - Caracas; "Magic and Artifice - 10 goldsmiths Latin American", Gallery CAF - Caracas; XXVII National Exhibition of Arts of Fire, Gallery Braulio Salazar - Valencia; "Kaleidoscope" Fundación Banco Industrial de Venezuela - Caracas, V Biennial of Plastic Arts of Puerto Ordaz, XXVIII National Hall of Arts of Fire, Gallery Braulio Salazar - Valencia, Venezuela Collection Industrial Bank, Industrial Bank of Venezuela Foundation; "Four trends in Venezuelan Jewellery "Embassy of Venezuela in London (UK)," Vuelta "French Alliance - Caracas Contemporary Art Collection of the BIV, Hotel Tamanaco - Caracas; XXXI National Salon of Arts of Fire, Gallery Braulio Salazar - Valencia; "mega show" Museum of Estampa and Design Carlos Cruz Diez.

Premium New World, XXVII National Exhibition of Arts of Fire; Award General Motors, XVIII National Hall of Arts of Fire; Prize University of Carabobo, XXXI National Salon of Arts of Fire. Pictured: Collection Banco Industrial de Venezuela, Collection Seguros Nuevo Mundo, General Motors de Venezuela Collection, Collection University of Carabobo, private collections in Venezuela and abroad.

My Skill

  • Design 90%
  • goldsmith 75%
  • architecture 55%
    Marketing 95%
  • Gemology 90%
  • Artisan 75%
  • Modern Art 85%
  • Furniture Design 95%
02 2010
Exibition in Caracas
04 2006
In the Park of Caracas Contemporary Art Museum
03 2006
Caracas, Vistapoint

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Calle C, Santa Rosa de Lima, 1061 Caracas, Venezuela +58 4125722596
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